To help plan the rate at which rock armour could be placed it was necessary to get accurate data.


A walk over topographic survey would be risky to undertake. A trip or slip on the rocks could result in physical harm to staff and damage to expensive equipment.


Photogrammetry can create a 3d model that can be examined to determine volumes. It is quicker, safer and more accurate than conventional methods.

Stockpile Photo
The rock armour presents a challenge to measure. Hard to walk on with hard sharp surfaces and voids.
Stockpile Calculations
Stockpile Model
Rough unstable surface unsuitable for climbing on. A 3D model is surveyed by Drone.
Once the 3D model is produced it can be viewed from any angle and interrogated for further information.
Model Sections
3D models can be examined by us to give approximate volumes, levels and dimensions.
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