• Paul Cusick

Time Lapse Aerial Videography

Our time lapse video shows the site progress at York Community Stadium over the course of one month. Flying the same flight path 4 weeks apart and tweaking in post. As the next few months pass it should be interesting to see the changes happening in such a dynamic nature.

When we were approached with this job our first question is "Can you do it?"

I always say yes. Then I try to work out how. I knew how to do it in my mind but the practical implications were more onerous.


1: How to plan a flight route and repeat it ad-hoc every month?

2: How to plan a flight route that would avoid those unexpected obstacles that may occur each month?

3: How to maintain accuracy given the errors that naturally occur with UAV GPS systems?

4: How to make the merges work?

As you can see problems solved.

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