• Paul Cusick

St. Martin's School Roof Inspection

A new roof was installed at St Martins school several years ago. We undertook a detailed condition inspection.

During the inspection we identified some heat damage to the acrylic skylights. From within the building it appeared as debris that was blocking the light into the class rooms. Upon examination of the aerial photographs we identified an issue. The inner skin of the pyramid skylight appears to have been damaged by heat and melted. On potential cause may be the outer skin focused the suns rays on the inner skin. The report was passed to the Architects involved with the roof works.

Client Testimonial: "When Paul undertook our roof survey, we were initially surprised at his findings. He identified a problem that others may have missed, and then went that extra mile to help us resolve it. When you hire Paul your are getting an aerial photographer with years of engineering expertise. He identified a potential problem, explained the possible causes and then gave us his professional advice on how we should address the issue with the contractor and the architect. I would not hesitate in using his services again."

Paul Edwards - Head Teacher

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