High Zoom Aerial Inspections

Now you can get those close up photographs and videos of your assets while we maintain legal and more importantly, a safe flying distance. 


We also went one step further. Our equipment includes a custom made drone made especially to carry this camera on top of the drone so it can also look vertically upwards enabling soffit inspections to be captured.


Along with triple redundancy hardware and software systems we have one of the safest drones available for hire in the UK.


Do you have a project that would benefit from this platform?


  • High voltage power line inspections: We can keep a safe distance to avoid any potential contact with your infrastructure.

  • Bridge Inspections: We can keep a safe distance from your bridge while shooting close up photographs or video. We can also fly under your bridge and film upwards for soffit records. We have the perfect solution for your bridge inspection.

  • Mobile phone tower inspections. We maintain a safe distance to ensure our UAV / drone is not affected by the electromagnetic interference emitted the cell phone mast.

  • Wind turbine inspections. We maintain a safe distance so there is no need to power down your wind turbine.

  • Environmental inspections. We can take close up photographs and video of birds, seals, and other wildlife from a distance that should not disturb the "stars" of the show.

  • Security and surveillance: With 30x optical zoom and a further 6x total digital zoom we can help you get the close ups of up to 180x magnification while keeping a distant low profile.

On site we also offer third party remote viewing so clients can watch live feeds and guide our pilot / cameraman to the shots they need.

Note: We currently have our Operational Safety Case (OSC) application in with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Once approved we will be able to take off from 10 metres and fly in congested areas.