Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your terms and conditions?


How much does a drone survey cost?

Our prices vary from job to job. The following list gives you the prices you can expect: Standard Photographs / Videos: From £400 half day. From £750 full day. 3D Modelling: From £500 - No Ground Control Points. From £1000 - With Ground Control Points. High Zoom Inspections: Call 01759 528188. Thermal Inspections: Call 01759 528188. The above are indicative prices as there is no set cost for a drone survey because it depends on your location, the size of the project and the type of survey you need. After we have a agreed a brief together, we build up a quote to ensure we can undertake your project safely and legally. We provide an estimate based on four rate components: Rate 1 – Expenses. Travel, accommodation, subsistence and any specific insurance requirements over and above our standard indemnity limit (£5million). Rate 2 – Pre Site. Desk top survey and risk assessments. Our initial estimate of time to secure permissions from Civil Aviation Authority / Air Traffic control / Police / Local Authorities / Land Owners as required. (Mandatory Requirements). R ate 3 – On Site. On-Site Survey. Expected film / flight time. Scope of mission / Data and equipment requirements. Rate 4 – Post Production. Expected video edit /photo edit / data analysis. It’s important that any company you engage to undertake aerial surveys fulfills their mandatory requirements as referred to in our rate 2 component. All prices exclude VAT NOTE: In line with currrent UAV service provisions payment will be required prior to any shoot. See terms and conditions for more details.

What happens if the weather is poor?

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. Light, rain, and wind speed all have affect the performance of the drone and the quality of the film / photographs. We would rather shoot on still, sunny days, but these are not guaranteed. We will therefore contact you the day before the shoot to confirm attendance and to discuss the following options:

  • The weather forecast is good. Generally this means wind speeds below 20mph, dry and air temperature above 0° C. We attend as agreed.
  • The weather forecast is too windy and / or wet too fly: We postpone until another mutually convenient time when the weather is acceptable. There will be no charge.
  • The weather forecast is questionable: We leave the decision with you. Should you ask us to attend site, and then request we wait until the weather “clears up”, there will be an hourly stand down charge.


What photograph formats can you provide?

We can shoot in 20MP JPEG or RAW and can post process to create amazing photographs. For photography in sensitive habitats we have a high zoom 30x (Optical) to 120x (Digital) camera.

What video formats can you provide?

We use hollywood standard editing software so can provide any format you require.