Our collision tolerant drone is suitable for work in numerous locations where access is limited or restrictive:

  • Bridge inspections between beams and inside box sections.

  • Inspection inside chimneys and cooling towers.

  • Inspection ballast tanks of ships.

  • Elevator / lift shafts.

  • Large storage vessels.

  • The list is endless......,

Search For Defects

Find defects and corrosion damage using full HD and thermal imagery recording.

Identify Fault Locations

Post mission review software presents data for future reference.

Safe From Impact

Carbon fibre structure is collision tolerant up to 10 mph. Protecting both parties assets.

Save Money

Outsource your yearly inspections in line with your O & M Manual

Improve Safety / Reduce Costs

Remote inspections are safer and cheaper than manned inspection.

Happy To Work In Teams

Our equipment allows for real time viewing of assets. You inspect while we fly.


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