Drones For Construction Site Progress

Construction sites are busy fast changing environments, and often setting aside time to capture a decent set of site photographs is low down on the day to day agenda. That's where we can help. 

With over 25 years construction site experience we understand what images and data need to be captured, be that:

  • Aerial or terrestrial photographs. Every photograph is GPS located and time stamped.

  • Aerial video. Raw unedited footage, fully edited for stakeholder publicity. We upload this to a private client portal where we can collaborate online and add time stamped notes and comments to the video. Great for speeding up the editing process and saving you money.

  • 360° Photography. 

  • Before and after photograph sliders.

  • 3D Mapping for conversion to CAD drawings.

  • 3D model building.

  • Thermal imagery capture.

  • Time Lapse.

  • We can also host your own custom designed Gallery Page for you on our website.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to aerial surveying of your construction site, we probably have the solution. Hire us for weekly / fortnightly or monthly visits for discounted rates.

360° View Of The Construction Site. Click Image to Navigate.
Before And After Photography
Stakeholder Video Promotions