3D Modelling

Need That WoW Factor For Your Client Presentation?

We can do that. Using cutting edge data collecting drones and the latest software we can help you win that next bid and then assist in tracking the project until completion. The above videos explain better than words.

Construction sites evolve quickly. Unforeseen work, scope change, material availability, necessary changes to program, schedules, processes, or operations can be costly and soon mount up if not managed quickly. Using drones to pull in data via mapping software can help reduce costs. we can routinely monitor your project and provide data rich snapshots of your site.

Track your companies assets, health and safety compliance, works progress and review volumetric changes captured in 3D. Better than a site diary and shareable across the whole team.

With Ground Control Points ( 5 to 10cm Accuracy )

Nearly all construction sites have some form of setting out ability that we can work with to quickly geolocate our Ground Control Points (GCPs). We capture our GCPs in our aerial survey to geolocate the 3D site assets in absolute terms. From our generated point cloud we can also produce "white label" Autocad drawings. With this method we have managed to get between 5cm to 10cm accuracy in x, y and z. If you need drawings to this level of accuracy then contact us. 
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Need Better Accuracy?

We can now provide UAV survey data (point cloud / DTM / DSM) to 3cm accuracy using our PPK (post processed kinematics) drone without the need for Ground Control Points (GCPs).
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Conventional drone mapping on centimetre accuracy requires Ground Control Points (GCPs) to correct the final map. Besides requiring additional surveying equipment and being extremely time consuming, setting up GCPs may be risky or just not possible in the area of interest.

More advanced solutions achieve similar levels of accuracy by using the latest GPS correction technology for the geo-referencing of the aerial imagery e.g. RTK (real time kinematics) or PPK.


Briefly RTK requires real time base station connectivity and corrects GPS signals during the flight, while PPK corrects them after the flight and therefore offers greater robustness and consistency.


PPK is independent from base stations or base station networks, highly reliable, most accurate and very convenient and time saving to use. Neither special flight preparations nor intensive post processing steps are required to achieve down to cm accurate aerial maps.

No matter what level of accuracy you need we can advise on the most appropriate solution for your project.

Additionally we can deliver Augmented Reality videos that capture your existing